Monday, May 27, 2013

Interview: Fuck You We Rule OK Fest Organizer Tony Cozzaglio

Oklahoma has wanted and needed a punk festival for years. Lots of people in the scene have bounced around ideas, but nothing ever took off. Until Tony Cozzaglio and Ryan Richard announced the first lineup for Fuck You We Rule OK, most people would have said that a punk fest in Oklahoma would just be a waste of money. Bands, like The Krays from New York, are coming from across the country to play for OK punks. The lineup includes bands that are difficult to see live anymore, like Brassknuckle Boys, Adolf and the Piss Artists, and an Agrestix reunion. Local punk bands weren't left out, including Violent Affair, The Shame, and Streetlight Fight getting on the bill. I got a chance to talk to Tony Cozzaglio about the festival.

PiOK: Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you decided to start the festival?
TONY: I've Played in several different hard working punk rock bands over the past years (Al and the Black Cats, The Chernobyl Babies, etc.) and have always been involved in my local and regional punk scene's putting on shows. Over many years a hand full of my close friends have taken turns setting up festivals each summer always in different cities with a wide range of names but always in the mid west. And this year when I heard most were planning on taking this year off I decided it was my turn to do so.

PiOK: Have you worked with any festivals in the past, or is this your first time putting one together?
TONY: I’ve been close to the organization of other festivals in the past helping friends and such, but this is my first time being point man for one. That being said I’ve organized many concerts and shows in the past. As well as organized many tours so being involved in show organizing behind the scenes is nothing new to me.

PiOK: What made you want to hold the fest in Tulsa, Oklahoma?
TONY: I moved here a year ago and since then have organized several shows. I guess the main reason I did it here is because this is now my home! Why would I organize it anywhere else!

PiOK: What Oklahoma bands do you have on the bill?
TONY: Violent Affair, The Shame, Streetlight Fight & it will be the first show for a new band I’m starting here The Wheelz

PiOK: You have bands coming from New York, Atlanta, Colorado, Philadelphia, and all over the States. Why did you decide to make FYWROK a national thing and not an Oklahoma festival? TONY: Why not, when people across the nation hear "Oklahoma" punk rock is probably not the first thing they think of. And it seems many bands avoid playing here even though there is an audience. Maybe it’s time people’s minds are changed.

PiOK: You recently added a third day to the festival, and announced the Krum Bums, Adolf and the Piss Artists, and Brassknuckle Boys will be playing. Each time you say that there are no more surprises. Are you really done with the surprises? Is there anything else you’d care to leak about the festival? TONY: hahaha no I promise we're done this time! haha

PiOK: Are there any bands you are personally looking forward to?
TONY: All of them! Sure there are some more than others, I've never seen Brass Knuckle Boys so I’m excited to FINALLY see them, as well as The Krays. Haven’t seen Victory yet or Sniper 66. So I’m pumped for them, then there’s a LONG LIST of friends bands I can’t wait to see again! I haven't seen PONX ATTAX in years! And I’ll be playing guitar in the Bad Engrish at this show so that will be fun! I’m excited for everyone. If I didn't like a band, then why would I book them!? haha

PiOK: How did The Agrestix reunion come about?
TONY: Jermz been a friend a mine for a long time, and it was about time they did one anyway!

PiOK: Where did the name for the fest come from? Is it a reference to the Last Resort or Oxymoron songs?
TONY: I love oxymoron and yes! It is! To be honest we didn't come up with it, we just posted online that we needed a name and people more clever than us came up with it! (we being me and Ryan Richard whom I’m organizing this with)

PiOK: For those who have never been to a punk show, the list of bands could be intimidating. Would FYWROK be a good first punk show for someone? TONY: Absolutely!! I truly hope this will be many young Tulsa kids first punk show!

PiOK: Do you plan on making this a yearly festival, or is this a one-time event?
TONY: As long as it goes well and doesn't turn into a riot I see no reason not to do it each year!

PiOK: What has been the most difficult part of putting FYWROK together?
TONY: hum, I really don't know, I guess just that we put Fuck in the name probably made it difficult to promote publicly, but that’s our own damn fault haha

PiOK: How big of a turnout are you expecting?
TONY: I really can’t say, all I can say is the more people who come out the more likely we'll be to do it again next year and the bigger it will be in the future!

PiOK: For those who are interested in going, how can people get tickets?
TONY: Tickets are available pre-sale at and we urge people to buy them pre-sale, we expect the venue will be sold out! But we'll also be taking up the hunt club and their outdoor patio. It’ll be half a block of punk rock!

PiOK: Thank you for your time. Would you like to add anything else?
TONY: yeah for up to date info find us on Facebook! and please help spread the word, invite your Facebook friends to this, share the flyer! Tell people about it! And I’ll see you there for a drink! Cheers!


  1. I'm glad this line up has been made myself... there's 5 of us doing a 28 hour drive all the way from Canada just to see it.

  2. When does sniper 66 play

  3. Anyone know a place in tulsa where I can book my oi/punk band. Name of the band is white flag down. Looking for a gig on August 27 2013. Anything will me at